Saturday, August 2, 2014

More Maps and Information

For those of you eager to explore the region in Louisiana where Solomon Northup lived, I have some other information available via email. They are .pdf files, one of which is a high quality map of the Bayou Boeuf region and the other is a guidebook similar to the one I have in my previous posts, but it is slightly different, maybe an older version than mine! I was graced with these files by a kind man who lives and works in the area. I am very grateful that he reached out to me and did some research of his own to assist me with this informative blog I've created. Thank you, Dan.

Please link this link:

you will be taken to my Google Drive shared area where you can view the files.

If you would like the direct page to download the Solomon Trail book I've broken down in this blog, you may visit the link below (it's different) and you can download my scanned images in one place.

I am available at to converse about the information and family history!